Journal-Posts Plugin

Developing Journal-Posts plugin so the user can navigate a category in ascending date order. This is the opposite order of a blog view which shows the latest post first.

The example is a travel journal where the daily posts are shown in blog order so everyone can easily keep posted on the current events. However if someone wanted to read about the adventure beging on  day 1 than having a page that showed the “journal”  with the oldest post first is what is desired, just like a book would be written.

The plugin does not modify any post or page nor does it create any database storage. Based on the category the posts are queried in the right order and a table of content is built for the category in the ascending date order.

Then post are displayed on the current page using ajax so there is no page refresh. Navigation for “First Prior Next Last” is also displayed.

The shortcode is “[[journal category=some-category-name]]”


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