IBS Mappro

Just finished a large update to IBS Mappro centered around the marker icons. First to meet WordPress standards I needed to move the icons into the plugin space from their source at Google. That required more facilities to manage the resources. I originally wanted to not to serve up the icons since if I went away that could leave maps dangling without icons.

There is always the issue of which icons to provide the users with. There seems to be an endless number of map icons available and it is impractical to host all of them. What I decided to do is provide the Google kml icon sets, each as a library, and initialize the icon platte with the shape icon set from Google as the default. The icon palette can be manipulated as to adding icons from other libraries and also deleted others. The palette can also be ordered so the frequently used icons show up first on the palette.

Added was the ability to create new icon libraries and upload icons to them. This should allow everyone to have their own custom set of icons..

GPX files are always an issue as only the symbol name is carried and no image source supplied. So it is always a guess as what icon to use. Now a list of the Garmin symbol names is supplied and icons from the libraries can be assigned to the names so some meaningful icon can be used. Included in the icon libraries is a library of Garmin icons and an attempt is made to assign them to the corresponding Garmin symbol names.


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