IBS Map Editor

NOTE: IBS Map Editor is no longer a viable link.

The map editor was developed in the context of a custom website using the CodeIgniter framework. But the map editor logic is largely contained in Javascript code and only needs a few basic web services. IBS Map Editor eliminates the CodeIgnitor framework and the result is a server side application that is very light weight. For now both the original map editor and the newer IBS Map Editor will be available but only the latter will be maintained.

The map editor has two modes of operation, “admin” and “guest.”

“guest” only has access to the Adventure Cycling routes gpx files since membership is required to obtain the services information. “admin” has access to all of the ACA gpx files, routes and services.

“guest” does not have access to the server file system for loading and storing map files whereas “admin” does.

“guest” can only access the ACA routes or upload map files from their computer. There is a limited ability to load from the web using an URL.

“guest” maps are saved as kml files downloaded to their computers. “admin” saves are to the server storage.

“guest” can insert images during editing by providing the URL for the image. “admin” uses a file browser to select images for insertion. The browser can also browse a Picasa public account. “admin” also has access to a file upload to import images to the server.



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