IBS FullCalendar To WordPress

Just submitted IBS FullCalendar to WordPress for review and publication. Having written several plugins for my own use the IBS FullCalendar is the first I’ve been motivated to publish.

There are several WordPress calendar related plugins and some even use the jQuery FullCalendar code too. But mostly they implement the older versions while the version 2.0 is a greatly improved product. And a few also display Google Calendar feeds to some extent.

I tried to use the “kiss” principle while offering a good deal of flexibility too. You can define 1-10 different Google Calendar feeds and for each shortcode you can define 1 or more feeds to display on that calender. Each feed can have it’s own color scheme. With each shortcode you can reconfigure the calendar though the shortcode options.

I am hoping someone will take the code and expand it into a more robust calendaring system.

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