Event Manager and WP FullCalendar

I want to implement a bike ride event calendar for MooreAboutScottsdale.com and have been working with the Events Manager plugin and it’s companion plugin WP FullCalendar. Together they’ll make a nice event management facility.

However since I have been using the javascript FullCalendar in other projects I noticed that the WP FullCalendar plugin was still using the older version of FullCalendar. The latest version of FullCalendar solves a lot of issues that the older version had and altogether is a much nicer and cleaner implementation.

So I set out to upgrade the WP FullCalendar to use FullCalendar version 2.1.1 and in the process eliminated the need for handling “too many events” and localization outside of FullCalendar. And I upgraded the jQuery.qtips  to version 2.

Added the option to show the Google Holiday calendar feed using FullCalendar’s gcal.js.

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