Card-Stripe Plugin

The Card-Stripe plugin is a cloned version of the WP-Stripe plugin

WP-Stripe is targeted to donations and Card-Stripe is oriented to organizational dues and purchases. Subsequently the base WP-Stripe code, which largely followed  the examples, has been substantially revised.

A number of fields have been added.

  • Amount required with an optional default value and optionally read only.
  • Name required.
  • Address 1 required.
  • Address 2 optional.
  • City required default value option.
  • State required default value option.
  • Zip Code required default value option.
  • Email optionally required.

The entire charge process was reprogrammed for JavaScript and jQuery ajax processing.

The JavaScript was moved to the  “..\includes\js\card-ajax.js  file.

WP-Stripe used WordPress post transactions with meta fields to store charge transactions. Card-Stripe instead uses charge history data for listing current transactions.

WP-Stripe had a widget for displaying donations. Card-Stripe does not carry forward the widget. Instead Card-Stripe added an attribute to the shortcode to list the current transactions on a page or post. [[card-stripe list=50]]

Card-Stripe continues to be developed and tested. You can try it by visiting the Card Stripe Plugin page on this web site.

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