When to ride?

I have been going out to ride after 9:00 am to be out of the commute traffic. That has been fine but with the warmer weather coming on I thought I should start out earlier. This morning left about 6:30 am and what a mistake! School buses, school crossing guards, parents parked in the bike lane waiting for the school bus to pickup their kid. No car pooling here either.

Crossing guards think they should just step out and stop traffic so the kids don’t have to wait a second or so. Never mind the bike coming down on them in ten feet.

School bus drivers that think the bike lane is theirs to drive in.

Interesting to think about all of the parents driving and dropping their kids off at school. Think of the gas, time and the missed opportunity for the kid to gain a bit of independence and exercise. We need to make schools car free zones.

So I am going to move up departure a bit. Maybe I can avoid the worst.

Interesting how the ebb and flow of life changes during the day.

The coffee shop stop is always interesting. Today was the new employee meeting with his new bosses discussing his new “commission only” sales job. And he really needed a “draw” to make his mortgage and car payments. The poor guy is screwed and doesn’t know it. I wanted to scream “get out now, they are not going to do anything for you”. Here you  are dressed to the nines meeting your boss at a coffee shop sidewalk table and he is wearing jeans and flip flops and needs a shave and a bit of clean up …..you are dead meat.



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