The comeback is coming along slowly

I have been getting up at 4:30 am to bike before it gets hot and windy and ride a 10 mile out and back before going to my hyperbaric chamber session.  Since the middle of June, after my last session, I have been riding the 27-30 mile loop route 3-4 times a week. On Saturday’s I’ve been riding with my bother-in-law and 16 yo niece, around their neighborhood getting them use to road biking. On Sunday’s the boss and I ride through Paradise Valley for 18 or so miles.

The niece has a nice new R570 from Performance. From that purchase, with the Performance triple points,  I was able to build the brother-in-law a nice road bike  with 105 9spd STI levers, derailleurs, bakes, crankset and a new Mavic Aksium wheelset.

It also has a Nashbar carbon fork and headset left over from an earlier attempt to build a road bike using a Nashbar frame. I could not get a bottom bracket installed in the Nashbar frame so I returned it.

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