Rebuilding The Bruce Gordon

I have torn down the Bruce Gordon to have the frame, fork, stem, and racks powder coated in a gloss black.

Going to try Microshift bifters in lieu of the bar ends. I just cannot like the bar ends even though I can not find a fault with them. I had bought two pair of the Mircoshift bifters when they were on sale a couple years ago at Performances as I knew 9 speed was going to be hard to come by. Sure enough I have looked high and low for Ultegra and 105 9 speed bifters and none to be found. I do have a old pair of first generation 105’s but they were not reliable enough to put on a touring bike. The new 10 speed stuff isn’t compatible between road and mtb as the 9 speed are.

I am replacing the headset, crank set and brakes. I really don’t like cantilever brakes preferring the V brakes since they are a more simple to set up and have stronger braking then the cantilevers, in my opinion. But they don’t play well with road levers without an extra gizmo.

Changing over to the cantilevers(Shimano CX50) means I now have to have cable hangers. The fork is cut tight to the headset so there isn’t much left to put a cable hanger in there. I did find a 1″ Ritchey headset with a 33.0 mm stack height to replace the Ultegra headset which had a 33.5 mm stack height. This .5 mm should give me room for a front cable hanger.

The back cable hanger is another iffy situation too. The newer Bruce Gordon’s have a built in cable hanger. Mine however requires a separate cable hanger dangling off the seat post clamp. Not really cool.

The current crank is an ancient XT square taper. I found a Delore FM 591 with the outboard bearing bottom bracket. The new crank is heavier with steel chain rings and has a bash guard. But it is 9 speed and with the right chain rings, 44-32-22.


I have decided to stay with the “classic” touring set up of bar ends and cantilever brakes. That is the way the bike is designed and any other set up compromises one thing or another. It was fine on the Trans Am for 2,000 + miles and the bike fits well.

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