On Being a Rabbit

I bike solo in and around Scottsdale and have loop that I like to ride with a few variations. Yes it tends to be monotonous doing the same route day in and day out. However different on days I can mix things up by taking on the role of “rabbit” for the various club rides and other riders that cross my path.

The nature of my route offers many opportunities to play this game as there are several bike clubs who rides intersect my loop. It is the matter of learning those routes and the club dates and times for the rides. Saturday offers the most opportunities as several club rides are scheduled and then you have the weekend warriors too.

It is the instinctive nature of most road bicyclist spotting a rider ahead of them to begin the chase to catch and pass that rider. As a “rabbit” you begin to watch your 6 to see if a “hound” has latched on to you. Once the chase, begins as the “rabbit”, you begin to pick up the pace ever so gradually hoping the “hound” doesn’t catch on too quickly. Almost always the “hound” will catch the “rabbit” and , if it is a sporting person, will suck in their breath, and say calmly “good morning.” Of course the “rabbit” does the same thing. Both acting as if it is just a walk in the park.

Today I played the game while riding up a 2-4% grade and the “hound” had caught me before I knew he was there but he had to stop to wait for the pack after popping over the top. As I passed him gasping for his breath I just smiled and continued on down the road.

I been thinking of getting some certificates printed up certifying “Caught; a 220 pound ¬†75 year old Rabbit” to hand out.

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