Good Day Today

I had a goal of 500 miles this month and with the 35 miles this morning I have 502.14 month to date. This was also the eighth consecutive day riding the 35 mile loop. Using the heart monitor seems to be working and feel things are getting better.

I have been using the standard SaltSticks, one every 10 miles, and today I thought I would try the “extra” version which adds caffeine. Sure seems to give me a boost. That coupled with Clif Shot Bloks gives me boost to keep up a pace for 35 miles.

Today I also rebuilt the front wheel for the Stanyan using the SON28 hub dynamo. Followed Sheldon’s instruction as I always do as I don’t build a wheel that often. It was very smooth build.

Waiting for the Bush Muller headlamp form Europe  to finish the Stanyan out.

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