First 90 degree day

Summer is coming on fast.

Sunday we started the ride at 6:30 am with plenty of light and less traffic than later in the day on Sundays. The MUPS are insane with Snowbirds, Spring Training, and fair weather people all out and about. April things will get better tourist wise and the Snowbirds fly home.

Tuesday rode 45 miles doing the Hidden Valley climb on the Bruce Gordon. Had put on the Da Brim on the helmet and was happy to have it.

I have laid out a 50 mile route that includes the Hidden Valley climb and another 6-7% hill. Will try it out later in the week.

UPDATE Friday March 20

Rode just 45 miles again today. I’m breaking in a new bike rider and it was stretching things to go 40 miles so cut the 50 mile route short today.


Monday March 16 we had our first 90 degree day.

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