Busch & Muller Luxos U Bicycle Light

After studying this light for several days now I just had to have one. Unfortunately it seems it will be some time before any shipments of the light get to the USA, and I get the feeling that there are substantial waiting lists for when they do arrive. So I asked in the Bike Forums – Commuting if anyone knew where to buy one. I got a lead to Amazon.de and ordered one from there. It still is going to take a few days to get here but the price was the same and included shipping.

This is an awesome light that should be great for touring and night riding. There is however one area of concern and that is the cache battery. I may still need a larger battery pack to charge off bike as the Garmin 500 will not charge and run at the same time.

  • 70 lux this light is bright.
  • panorama nightlight the light field is wide immediately before and next to the bike over to the side of the road beyond.
  • 90 lux activated by pressing a button. Daytime it flashes the headlight and in the dark it is a full floodlight.
  • USB socket integrated in the handlebar-switch and an integrated Lithium-back-up battery ensuring constant charging current.
  • handlebar switch to control ON/OFF, flood light, flash light, etc.
  • charging status is indicated by LEDs on the handlebar switch.
  • automatic sensor turns on daytime running lights or night running light.
  • sidelights controlled by he handlebar-switch.
  • rear light monitoring a LED shows whether an attached tail light is working properly.

See Peter White’s write up on the light.

Postscript : still planning to build a DIY USB charger.

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