Bruce Gordon Rebuild II

Almost done with the BG rebuild and it is ending up pretty much in the same form as I started with. Except it is black instead of red. In the end just could not get the cantilever brkes to work as I wanted them to so I used Tektro RX5 V-Brakes both front and back. On the back at 85 mm arm length they just clear the fender but up front there is plenty of clearance. They set up nicely with the Tektro RL520 levers.

Rebuilt the front wheel (A 719) with DT Competition double butted spokes and alloy nipples on a Shimano Dynamo Hub. I was thinking about a Shutter Precision hub (~$130) or even another SON28 (~$280) but found the Shimano DH 3N71 for $78.00. Which was too much of a savings to pass up.

Played with the idea of going to a flat bar briefly but the bike is designed for drop bars and bar end shifters so I stayed with that configuration in the end.

The saddle, for now, is my old Brooks Professional (not to be confused with Team Pro) which was made briefly the late last century. Essentially a B 17 without saddlebag hoops but made of a very heavy black leather and large rivets.


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