4th of July

Still very hot around here in Arizona and the humidity is rising so soon will be in the real monsoon season. Would like the lows to get back around 80 degrees so I can start riding the sunrise circuit soon.

A couple of set backs with blurred vision and mild headaches popping up now and then. So have been “resting” a lot to see if I can get past those incidents once and for all. No rhyme or reason to them.

Cardiologist thinks the swelling an breathing problems were altitude related which caused the heart to be stressed and not fully function. EKG was normal.

Pulled the Soma Stanyan out and stored the Bruce Gordon touring bike. Setting the Stanyan up as a credit card touring bike once again. Trying the Brooks B-17 again. Changed the handlebar out for a FSA wing 44cm to see if that helps the hands. Like the compact drops too.

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