With Netbeans 7.4 Beta I have been learning the AngularJS framework in HTML5 and am really impressed with its power to deal with the CRUD (create, read, update, delete) application model. Looks like the latest thing with Google using and … Continue reading


My sport touring bike. SOMA Stanyan.¬†This is my go-to bike for credit card and sagged touring. Ultegra 9 spd STI Sugino XD 500T 48-36-24 Shimano 11-34 XT cassette LX rear derailleur¬† Mavic T-217 ceramic rims – Ultegra Hubs 36 spokes. … Continue reading

Road bike.

2010 Performance Scattante CFR Race 55cm. This was bought as a 2011 closeout and I’ve enjoyed riding it as my main ride. It has been modified as follows; FSA compact crank replaced the FSA standard road crank. IRD 11-30 10 … Continue reading

4th of July

Still very hot around here in Arizona and the humidity is rising so soon will be in the real monsoon season. Would like the lows to get back around 80 degrees so I can start riding the sunrise circuit soon. … Continue reading